New Album out! 

"In a breath's length" 


  1. De waanzin is in iedereen (feat. Sabine Kars)
  2. Your clay pigeons (feat. Wes Parham)
  3. Sarah (feat. Scott Simpson)
  4. The magic mountain
  5. Verlangen (feat. Mariola Dirkzwager)
  6. Het achterland (feat. Mariola Dirkzwager/ Sabine Kars)
  7. Aljosja
  8. Nevermore (feat. Speedenza)
  9. Raskolnikov
  10. Good person, good friend, goodbye (feat. Wes Parham)
  11. In a breath’s length (feat. John Hobbs)
  12. Moon’s ending (feat. Wes Parham/ Colleen Bak)


This is an album of poetry and music, of spoken words and true stories.

Anything can happen in a breath´s length. 

Artwork: Stephanie Poels-Zanders.

Listening or buying: https://dennisramler.bandcamp.com